Wednesday, 15 June 2011

White Fence Between The Harness And The Pool

I've decided to throw this release up for notice because I haven't done a review of White Fence's ...Is Growing Faith record, which by all reports is pretty ace, so this is as close as Ill get for the time being. This 7" is the first release put out by Afterlife Records - 'Harness' off ...Is Growing Faith, and 'The Pool' which is previously unreleased. Its typically warped, no-fi freak pop stylings from Tim Presley, all done in short stabs of two minutes. 'Harness' is a better song - 'The Pool' is played exactly like a warped Beatles cassette, Presley's vocals all high pitched and warbling, before the drums kick a sharper edge to the outro. Im still not sure I 'get' White Fence, but Im warming up to him...

White Fence - Harness
White Fence - The Pool

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