Friday, 10 June 2011

Panophonic Constellations

Stellarscope's leading man (and founder of Patetico Recordings since 1998), Tommy Lugo, takes you on a voyage throughout the boundaries of space and time as Panophonic, blending pop song-writing, ethereal guitar soundscapes, bleeps, noises, samples, electronic beats, & floating vocals. He has just recently added to his plethora of releases with two new EPs, End Game and Space Age Transmissions. Im a fan of the MBV vibe of 'Great Times' and the swirling distorted guitars on 'Just Like Flowers' from End Game (on Patetico), yet the tripped out electronics on Space Age Transmissions (via Factory Fuzz)are what grabbed me more. You can get the releases here and here.

Panophonic - Great Times (from End Game EP)
Panophonic - Lay Off (from Space Age Transmissions EP)

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