Saturday, 4 June 2011

Im Hella Trippin!

Another update on the 24 hour coverage on the new Hella album, their first in 4 years. Seems they have the album and song titles all sorted - guess it doesn't take long when one of them is named after modem paraphernalia... The album Tripper will be out August 30 via Sargent House, over which 'Headless' (originally known as 'Track One') has two fan-made clips chosen by the Hella duo as their 'official' music videos. You can watch them both below, after you have a gander at the tracklist of course!

01 Headless
02 Self Checkout
03 Long Hair
04 Yubacore
05 Netgear
06 Kid Life Crisis
07 On The Record
08 Furthest
09 Psycho Bro
10 Osaka

Hella - Headless

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