Monday, 20 June 2011

Pontiak Cruise The Comecrudos

Ive had a hold of this one for months, but now its finally here - SM fave Pontiak's new EP Comecrudos. I spoke to Jennings from the band at the beginning of the year when he handed the tracks over, and he stated that it started as an experiment. It certainly is removed from their previous releases - there is a deep sens of GY!BE here, due to the elegiac, brooding atmosphere that is languid and pervasive in its creation.

Set in four parts (surprisingly named Parts I-IV), the first thing most people will notice is the use of horns. These are used so disconcertingly, intertwining with crunchy, distorted feedback so as to create a dark, lunar landscape that is as invigorating as it is alien. The idea for the album apparently came from Phoenix to Texas on Route 385. The brothers were captivated by the sprawling landscape, the immensity and complexity of the geology and the beauty. They camped in an old volcano crater under a full moon and hiked ridges alongside the Rio Grande.

The craziest thing about this menacing release is that no distortion or overdrive pedals were used in the making of this record. Pontiak kept their gear bare, reflecting the landscape itself. When you hear how epic the sounds are in 'Part I', you will understand how astounding this revelation is. It just swirls around you, freezing you to the spot, turning you to stone and smashing you into myriad pieces, all in slow motion. The track bleeds into 'Part II' - until it breaks into an acoustic, Pink Floyd-meets-Morricone number, squelching in the background sounding like birdcalls - a brilliant song. 'Part III' steers closer the familiar Pontiak stoner drone psych that we know and love, but indelibly imbued with the lunar landscape that has inspired their creative spirit, Closer 'Part IV' rolls these three suites into a collective whole, before shooting off into an invisible Otherworld beyond this existence.

Thrill Jockey are putting out Comecrudos tomorrow. Order it here - it truly is a fucking killer release, and has me even more anxiously anticipating their next LP release, which at this stage won't be until next year. My favourite EP of the year thus far, hands down, and running for best release. Get it!

Pontiak - Part III

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