Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Punching Above Their Weight

I received an email from Guy, a Rhode Island native whose band, Kid Chocolate, have just released their self-released debut record, Gold Star Winner. I downloaded the album they offered me - but it came up as gsw, with no reference to the band. I forgot about it for a couple days, then put it on - and it blew me away. It has the surf pop twinges that we are hearing a lot of these days, but there is a mischievous twinkle in the eye, showing their grungier garage legs, and occasionally (like on 'What The Big People Do' or the strangely punchy-yet-slinky 'Roll Of Thunder') emulating the 60s melodic pop groups they are indebted to. In fact, Kid Chocolate remind me of a Brisbane band that are making some noise at the moment, Dune Rats, yet a far better version (no offence Dune Rats, I love your guff, just Kid Chocolate is punching above your weight here). Wait, a boxing joke? See, I knew the reference all along kiddos - hence the above picture! But all silliness aside, this is one helluva addictive album. There are even slight Harlem comparisons here - now, that makes my day... You can get it either at their Bandcamp here or here for a physical copy.

Kid Chocolate - Coco Drugga
Kid Chocolate - Safety Surf

And I really really enjoyed this album, so here it is to stream in its entirety - get behind it, buy it, it is a cracker!

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