Saturday, 18 June 2011

Whining, Straying Birds Get Shot In Head

This 7" is a great lo-fi glimpse at a ramshackle trio that mold shamolic rock into a lovable artform, The Whines. Shootinhead is well thought out, using two songs that completely encapsulates the Portland band's repertoire whilst hinting at so much more. The titular track warbles along, gloomily soaking up the aural space before a sweat-soaked breakdown takes hold, the fat bass line the only constant and clear notion that you're not going insane. Then on the flipside you have 'Straybird', which I think picks up the ante - a rumbler country twang with psych and booze drenched outer edges, this song flies the pop flag even as it irreverently dips it in Zippo fluid and hovers a match. And that wavering harmonica? Genius stroke there guys. The best thing about such a track? Its so easy - easy to listen to, easy to make... If it was any more laconic it would fall into a coma. True slacker quality. Fuck that - just quality.

Shootinhead is out through Mt St Mtn Records - get it here! They have an album out too, Hell To Play - expect to jear about that soon...

The Whines - Shootinhead
The Whines - Straybird

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