Monday, 27 June 2011

VIDEO VACUUM - Explosions In The Sky, Fucked Up, Vitamins, Harmony Acapella

Its been about a fortnight since we celebrated a few moving images that accompanying a suite of sound otherwise known as a song, so lets get sucked up in the Video Vacuum and see what transpires, hmmm?

First up is monumental. Texan instrumental gods Explosions In The Sky have actually done their 1st ever video! Its for 'Last Known Surroundings' off this year's stellar Take Care Take Care Take Care, and it is an animated gem. Not that you need visuals with music this beautiful, but let's see what happens, ok?

Last Known Surroundings from Explosions in the Sky on Vimeo.

Next we have Canadian powerhouse punks Fucked Up, and the six-minute video for 'Queen Of Hearts' off their opus David Comes To Life. 80 minutes of Fucked up in a recorded environment, regardless of whether its conceptual or not, is heaven to me, so this video has certainly been on repeat the past week...

Denver group Vitamins have graced Video Vacuum a few times this year, and now its their time again. They have a video for the B-side of their current 7", called 'The Disappearance Of David Lee Powell'. Great. Now can you hurry up and put some more music out please? I love this 7", but two songs does not sate me!

Vitamins - The Disappearance of David Lee Powell from Motion Sickness of Time Travel on Vimeo.

Finally we have a special video of the three chanteuses that make up the backing choir of my new favourite Australian band - nay, just new favourite band - Harmony, doing some vocal warm ups in a stairwell. The acoustics are haunting, the intertwining vocals beguiling. A great way to finish methinks!


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