Friday, 24 June 2011

Longing Stares Into The Two Way Mirror

I kinda bagged out the first taste off Crystal Antlers' new album Two Way Mirror, 'Summer Solstice'. I did attest to the notion that 'Andrew' was, and still is, a killer track. Well, the titular song from the sophomore album has arrived, and for me at least, this is a much stronger step in the right direction. 'Two Way Mirror' is more akin to their blistering garage psych ways that we witnessed on last LP Tentacles. We love our insurmountable mountains of shrieking guitars, our pummelling drums and our iconic, blood torn vocals, and all are present and accounted for here. It will be interesting to see how this album fares - the Long Beach collective have taken it upon themselves to release it on their Recreation LTD label. I can state that now, my interest has finally been piqued.

Crystal Antlers - Two Way Mirror

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