Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Brewing Some Kong

It is absolutely necessary for me to show you this. Kong are the most underrated band in the UK, possibly the world. They fucking kill. And any news surrounding them is good - so when I hear a new track, its played incessantly till Im foaming bile at the mouth. 'Ribbons' is their track donated to a 10" split with Castrovalva, That Fucking Tank! and Shield Your Eyes. This is an incredible release that Brew Records have put together. Limited to just 300 copies on luscious orange vinyl, this record is released on 18th July...

Fucking ages to wait, no? Well there are two things you can do. Pre-order this sucker here, then watch this song for the next month nonstop. Sure it will get in the way of work, children, friends, eating, sleeping or breathing, but who gives a fuck? In 1995 you were the king!

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  1. Anonymous12/6/11 12:34

    What a fucking great band. I used to roller skate so I knows what hard it is for them.