Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Shooting Seagulls With Little Deadman

Formed in early 2009 in San Diego, Little Deadman is Spencer Rabin, Anthony Levas, Brian Dall, and Tyson Wirtzfeld. Sure, their tracks have the inevitable reverb and echo soakings, and there are elements of California calm, confidence and cool floating throughout. There's the resurgent embrace of 60s guitar music, as most evidence with the whimsical 'The Lunatic'. There are even elements of the musical magpie Bradford Cox in some of the musical stylings. All of these things I enjoy. But as a stand alone release, their new EP Shooting Seagulls is solid in its own right, especially the title track which is also available as a 7" via Single Screen Records. There's promise of a full length debut early next year. Ill be keeping an eye on these guys...

Little Deadman - Shooting Seagulls

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