Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Total Babes Put Me On Cloud Nine

Dylan Baldi and his Cloud Nothings have been going from strength to strength, yet you cant keep creative people down! Two of the members from the Cleveland garage pop clooective, Jayson Gerycz and Joe Boyer, have joined forces with Chris Brown and Gary Spolarich to form Total Babes, who are relatively in the same vein, just a little thrashier (so a little Wavves in there too!). Which is all good - I love Cloud Nothings' innate sense of overloading you with sugary sweetness without you minding the aural calories! Total Babes' debut album Swimming Through Sunlight is out at the end of August (through Old Flame Records and Continental Mind). If you are in Philly, Brooklyn or Cleveland in the next three days, you'll be able to catch the lo-fi rockers in their element. If not, enjoy the tune below!

Total Babes - Like They Always Do

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