Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pajama Party At The Finn's House!

One of the best bands ever was the Australian and New Zealand collective otherwise known as Crowded House. A trans Tasman treasure, the band got back together recently (sadly without original drummer Paul Hester who tragically killed himself back in 2005) and it was like they had never left. Unfortunately that was a shortlived affair, but that doesn't mean they are sitting idle. Chief singer and songwriter Neil Finn has joined with wife Sharon, ex-Grates drummer Alana Skyring and Auckland singer/songwriter Sean Donnelly. They call themselves Pajama Club, due to the attire the Finns were wearing when they were first jamming and recording the skeletal foundations that their music now sits atop. What do they sound like? Well, sample for yourself below - it certainly promises to be something special though. I love the reference to a Holden Commodore in the opening salvo too...

Pajama Club are doing a quick Australian tour mid June before they shoot over to the US for some support shows for Wilco. They will be playing in Brisbane at The Zoo on Saturday June 12.

Can't Put It Down Until It Ends by Pajama Club

Golden Child by Pajama Club

These Are Conditions by Pajama Club

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