Monday, 20 June 2011

Cowering In The Shadowlands

Our second post about Thrill Jockey releases coming out tomorrow, this time we have San Fransisco droners Barn Owl putting out their own EP, Shadowland. I fucking dig this band - they have not put out a dud release yet - and Shadowland is no exception. Looking at Pontiak's Comecrudos art work, and comparing it to this, you can see that they are brothers in arms. The two-piece over the three tracks here mine similar territory to Pontiak also, evoking sinister emotions and foreboding that lurks in the darkness, refusing to come out into the night, thus remaining undefined and unknown, heightening the inherent fear. This is ambiance at its most controlled and dark-hued, and is electric in the juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity. This is aided by the man at the recording desk, Trans Am's Phil Manley.

Shadowland is out tomorrow. Get this here (the vinyl is immaculate!) - or even better, get it alongside Comecrudos as a bundle - you won't need to hear anything else of this ilk all year.

Barn Owl - Shadowland

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