Wednesday, 8 June 2011

With Hymn, Now I Become Tonstartssbandht

Not one but two Tonstartssbandht releases to bring to you today. Who? And how do you say that? Ive got no idea - phonetically? Ton starts bandit? All you really need to know is that they are brothers, Andy and Edwin White, originally from Orlando, Andy's in NY, Edwin's in Montreal, and they have put out this cassette Hymn as well as an album Now I Am Become through Arbutus Records. Now if you are familiar with these guys, you'll probably know that these two releases differ a fair bit from each other, as they dont like to do the same thing in a consecutive manner - but whatever they hit you with - it is gonna be pretty damned weird...

Hymn is an undulating beautiful mess of lo fi burnt psych-rock and beautiful ambient passages, all melding together into a blathering calamity that still remains poptastic. Now I Am Become is more cohesive, with a stronger focus - more akin to their sonic abrasive experimentation that you get in the live arena (yet no less lofi). Sometimes I want them to pretty it up a bit, just to see what could happen to those warped harmonies...maybe I can put the order in for next time?

Hymn is available for a fiver on their Bandcamp. You can purchase Now I Am Become here.

Tonstartssbandht - Jesse (off Hymn)
Tonstartssbandht - Orange Miss You (off Now I Am Become)

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