Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hussy Fits

I have been harassed by this band called The Hussy. I like some vigorous promotion, as long as it isn't spam or remixes - man we receive some shit remixes over here... But this is something else. The demonic duo's LP Cement Tomb Mind Control (via Slow Fizz Records) is one crude, spiky, petulant son of a bitch that just doesn't know how to quit. Led by Bobby Hussy (the man behind Kind Turkey Records) and Heather Hussy, The Hussy are all about the scuzziest garage that you can find, and infusing it with enough diffident sleaze that you will get infected just by association. However, dont go thinking these are uppity cool fucks - no, they are a lovely duo from Madison, Wisconsin that just love to make fun, loud garage rock, and for that Im in love with them - even if they have given me a vast quantity of STI's. They don't linger either - its hot and sweaty action from start to finish, then they love you and leave you...but always with the promise of more good times. And that is all a little rock whore like me needs really...

These guys have played with a shitload of my favourite bands too - Black Lips, Woven Bones, Monotonix, Thomas Function, Heavy Times and Sic Alps... Nice work. Lastly, Bobby Hussy admits that there is a heavy dosage of Ty Segall influence on the album - and as you should have picked up over the past months, that 23 year old is the shit on Planet Masala, so consider me a fully fledged Hussy!

Cement Tomb Mind Control is out now.

The Hussy - Pushin' My Luck
The Hussy - Have A Say
The Hussy - Sexy Ladi

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