Thursday, 2 June 2011

Barn Owl Reissue A Lot Of Fun

This is such an amazing release! I mentioned briefly last year that San Fran psych droners Barn Owl had brought out a mega rad of death album on Thrill Jockey called Ancestral Star. Now at that stage it was all I knew of the band. Not anymore, as the fine folks over at Not Not Fun Records have decided to reissue their 2008 album From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light - and its a stellar move on everyone's part. I know I whinged about how This Will Destroy You's album Tunnel Blanket didn't bring the goods, and as a postscript said that my expectations were very high. Well, after getting my mitts on this, then listening to Ancestral Star again, I hate to say it but this is miles ahead.

Not Not Fun have put it out on lovely creamy white vinyl. I think it remiss of all of you if you aren't feverishly hunting this down - so here is the link straight to the source! Get it - these guys, whilst rising in popularity, are still incredibly underrated in their own field, and this album will tell you way. Fucking amazing.

Barn Owl - The White Mountain Filled With Light
Barn Owl - Teonanacatl

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