Sunday, 5 June 2011

Brainstorming The Flat Earth

Came across this sweet digital EP by Brainstorm (not the terrible "metal" band, but two dudes from Portland who take killer band photos). What we have are songs with a decidedly garage tinge yet infused with a myriad strange instrumental flourishes, that it is difficult to work out what is actually going on ("Is it punk? Is it Calypso? Is it Vampire Weekend without their own fists up their arses?"*) It is also hard to fathom how audacious these tracks actually are, let alone that they make it look easy - because this all should be a steaming pile of failure and broken dreams. There's fucking tuba in there, for Gad's sake!

Buy Flat Earth for $2 over at their Bandcamp here.

Brainstorm - Flat Earth

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