Sunday, 5 June 2011

Those Black Lips Have No Bloody Direction

Its been a fast-rising love affair between Atlantan garage punks Black Lips and me. And it seemed doomed for failure when I found out that Mark Ronson was producing their new album, Arabia Mountain. Mark 'Lily Allen' Ronson? Mark 'Im responsible for Amy Winehouse' Ronson? Mark 'my sister has Lindsey Lohan's pubes stuck in her teeth' Ronson? I turned up on the doorstep in tears, ready to throw their chocolates and flowers in their face and deem them bastards and arseholes and that I never wanted to see them again. But they took me into their arms, dried my tears, assured me that Ronson's involvement was purely platonic, he didn't fuck anything up, and that Deerhunter's Lockett Pundtt was always on hand when need. Finally they played me some tracks off it, including this new one 'New Direction' - and the waterworks stopped. I apologised profusely. We got wasted and revelled in each other's company once more. Now Im just waiting for the rock...

Arabia Mountain is out on Tuesday through Vice Records.

Black Lips - New Direction

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