Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wet Hair Iz De Stilj In Vogue, Ja?

I can't get enough of Wet Hair. Well, actually, the thought of my girlfriend with wet hair just out of the shower gets me somewhat going too. But Im talking about Iowa City's Kosmische-via-warped tapes ensemble Wet Hair, who have recently released their first album for De Stijl Records, In Vogue Spirit. And I reckon its the most together, complete release the trio have ever put out. OK, so some Wet Hair purists may say that the cleaner output is actually detracting from the weirder elements that these guys at times offer, but just listen to the motorik opener 'Echo Lady' and the brilliant quasi-faux-pop of 'Fade Till Morning' - both these tracks alone make In Vogue Spirit a worthy buy.

Wet Hair - Fade Till Morning
Wet Hair - Echo Lady

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