Friday, 10 June 2011

The Death Of Broken Water's Ego

My God, this song is so Sonic Youth that I had to check that it wasn't some unreleased track from the 90s! But it all makes sense when the band responsible turns out to be Washington's Broken Water, whose innate love of the New York band is without question. 'Ego Death' (and no, it's not a cover of the A Place To Bury Strangers track of the same name...) is from the third anthology from Ms Valerie Park Distribution, titled Well I Don't See Why Not Vol. 3. Its 20 tracks from small and unknown bands from around Olympia, the Northwest and beyond. Its a good listen, and you can stream it here - if you like, its yours for a fiver! How easy is that!

Broken Water - Ego Death

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