Wednesday 17 April 2013

Jazz = Eating With Your Feet Teeth

It's great to see such a vibrant experimental scene in Brisbane, and one of the bands that rove on the farther uncharted plains is FEET TEETH. The trio - Joel Saunders on trumpet, electronics; Paul Young on drums and "objects"; Kate Thomas on marimba and Commodore 64 (for real) - take free form jazz "structure" to a different, stop-motion-as-noise level, especially as one of their premiere instruments is a reconfigured Commodore 64. Their shows are understandably heavy on the improvisation, which makes for continual cerebral discoveries.

The band have an album in the wings called Aphtae Epizooticae (out through HelloSquare), and you can sample the single 'Hinschu' below, and you can pick it up, alongside remixes by Sydney's Brain Drain and Subsea and a non-album recording, right here. FEET TEETH are also playing a Sonic Masala show on Friday May 3 at The Waiting Room alongside Melbourne's No-Way Sweden and the first-ever airing of Financiers, a side project for Dan Spencer and Luke Walsh of the ever-excellent Blank Realm. Head here to check out more about that show.

FEET TEETH - Hinschu

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