Wednesday 24 April 2013

Fangin' For A White High (Metal Postcard Update #2)

You want wonky, diseased stoned guitar slop pop? Portland's White Fang have you covered. High Expectations (out through Metal Postcard) offers shoddy, gif/ppt related cover art, fuzzy distortion, vomit, urine and big swinging dicks, all with the kind of stoner off-handedness that makes you want to give the stuff up forever, even as you stuff your yellow alien bong with an overabundance of purple-veined buds. It remains sharp and spiky, even when phased out closer Far Out Journey threatens to disappear through the temporal hole in the ozone layer. It's the longest song at just over four minutes. And seriously, you couldn't wish for anything more. This is a ride around the neighbourhood, making cocked-up social commentary whilst sequestered away in your mobile dutchie. Above all else, it is surreptitiously addictive - like everything else that's bad for you. Just shut up, breathe in, hit repeat and spin out.

High Expectations can be got at here. Do it. Seriously. Champion Wavves all you want - Nathan Williams is a fucking brand. This is the real deal, and as they say, "you can't deal with being real."

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