Tuesday 9 April 2013

Losing Sanity On These Juan Wauters

I meant to post about this 7" on Thursday TWO WEEKS AGO, but as always things got a little caught up...so here it is.

It has been a little while since we've heard anything from NY spazzniks The Beets. Their last release wasn't all that long ago - they released two albums in 2011, after all - but with their proclivity for brevity and insanity, it's not hard to understand why the wait has been a little concerning. Fear not, however, as frontman Juan Wauters spreads his wings and his sanity thin by taking on the solo thang. Sanity is the 7" single (see what I did in the last sentence? DO YOU SEE?), and it's a two minute slice of pop irreverence sublimely rendered for your easy and repeated consumption. It's radness in other words, and hope this isn't the only thing we hear from either of Wauters' acts in 2013...

You can buy Sanity here through Wayward Records. Wauters played Shea Stadium in New York last Thursday with Brisbane's own Dune Rats, hence me wanting to post back then. Wauters had been very keen for that particular show - I'm sure Dune Rats were the ones showing their gratitude by night's end... he has done a tour with Veronica Falls recently and has some Beets dates lined up too, so all's swell. Here's the rest of the dates:

04.09.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn w/Sea Lions (THIS IS TONIGHT!!! GET ON THIS NYers!) 04.17.13 - Wilkes-Barre, PA - The Crimson Lion
04.18.13 - Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College
04.19.13 - Columbus, OH - Double Happiness
04.20.13 - Chicago, IL - TBA
04.21.13 - Ypsilanti, MI - Woodruff's
05.04.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio w/Bass Drum of Death


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