Wednesday 24 April 2013

Freaked Out, Wrapped Up And Forgotten In New Hampshire

Coming out today on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records is New Hampshire Freaks, the split 10" EP from two groups of psych wanderers, Quilt and MMOSS. The A-side consists of the two bands contributing a song each, and it's easy to see why these guys have gravitated towards each other, as 'Nothing Left' and 'Open Eyes' complementing cornucopias of pastoral psych in the sun swept wheat fields, all gaily flailing limbs, slightly slack jaws and free love in the loins (with some excellent bright wigout at the end of Quilt's 'Open Eyes' evoking the likes of Woodsman at their most bucolically wasted). Of course the B-Side sees them join forces, and 'Sandy' is a fourteen minute Ouija board into the souls of astral adventurers of extinct parallel worlds. The flatline in the middle creates a weightlessness that heightens the return of the ephemeral squall that bookends the track.

You can order New Hampshire Freaks here - the first 300 orders will be pressed on olive-and-bone coloured wax, whilst there are 100 extremely limited (IE never to be repeated) cassette tapes.

Quilt/MMOSS - Sandy

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