Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Cyclical Tahitian Heroin Economy

Brian Pyle has been pretty prolific of late (well, of always), and here is another Ensemble Economique release to get desperately sweaty over. Combining with Italian Spaghetti wastoids Heroin In Tahiti (whose Death Surf LP of last year is something I inexplicably missed and need to hunt down ASAP) and put out through the No=Fi and Sound of Cobra collectives, this Black Vacation/No Highway split LP is a sight (and sound) to behold. Pyle hasn't sounded more sonically abrasive since Psychical in 2010 (my introduction to his work, in fact) - No Highway is desolate, a sinuous deathcab ride to the soul of the desert, and the deserted. It's cerebral madness, beyond the black rainbow, and it's where I want to be.

But before we can sell our souls to this suave devil, we find ourselves in an airport listening to multilingual departure announcements, and we have slipped into Black Vacation. Heroin In Tahiti are our hosts, and it isn't the flight you fear as much as it's the destination. Hula music for a magnetic meltdown, the only relief that comes is when you think it's over - then a static storm rolls on through, and the emptiness is infinite. Quietly mesmeric - a Western for the Arctic Circle on the cusp of a thirty-day darkness.

Black Vacation/No Highway is out now - grab it here.

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