Monday 22 April 2013

You race round, and round, and round

The front page of You Tube told me to think about whether a Barina could save my relationship. I didn’t even know it was in trouble. I'd better buy a Barina.

If you let it, advertising will dictate your route through life. It will pull up in a silver Barina and yell for you to “jump in!” You’ll never have to think about anything ever again. You can have everything you want (even if you never knew you wanted it).

The UV Race wouldn’t get in the car. They wouldn’t fit. They don’t fit. They’ll take a kids' scooter instead, and use it to bust up your feeble escapist dreams.

‘I was work-in’ just. to. get. by.’ Have you ever asked yourself why you turn up to work each day? Actually really thought about the reasons you spend a good (bad?) chunk of your life doing your job? Why don’t you just go and live in the park instead? There’s plenty of free water. There might even be one of those spinning platforms if your council hasn’t gone all health and safety on the equipment.

'Life Park' (clip released January this year – the first off the Racism LP) is a take on this question. It’s not a call for mass migration; it doesn’t call you to get in. It does make you think about what you want.

The UV Race want to tour the US in May. Dates here, including some with Parquet Courts!

You might want to get your hands on the record.

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