Monday 22 April 2013

Alone with all the Stevens

I have both an abject fondness and distinct hate for the name Steven. There’s no real middle ground here. The Steven from primary school used to invite me over to play Stunts 3D and never let me have a go; he falls, rightly, at the hate end of the spectrum. The Stevens fall on the fond side. ‘Fond’ is actually near perfect the word.

I heard 'Alone' while driving home on the freeway today. One of those high points where you can see the city unravel out of the mountains (if you take the time to look). I changed lanes during the chorus without hitting any of those little reflector things.

When I got home I ordered the seven-inch (Chapter have re-issued the CD/tape release just recently) and thought about the view from the freeway. Songs for when you’re somewhere, thinking of somewhere else - somewhere you’re rather fond of.

There's also this 'fresh' (in the prince sense) clip:

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