Friday 26 April 2013

Eluvium Washes Nightmares Away

You guys up for chilling out this weekend? Here are a few tracks that should facilitate that. It's been almost four years since Portland native Matthew Cooper dragged out his Eluvium wares in their full glory. The wait is nearly over, with double album Nightmare Ending coming out next month. Three of the tracks have leaked their way onto the interweb over the past couple of months, and their dexterity, intricacy and beauty have been dearly missed. For Eluvium isn't just the type of music you wished they played at your local cafe, although you definitely do wish that (I used to frequent one cafe until they started playing Nelly Furtado because, and I quote, "it's the best music for a hangover"...fuck...). No. I talk about immersive worlds being created by music quite often on Sonic Masala, and Eluvium is one of the few artists that truly embodies that. There is no stasis, or inertia, or ephemeral anger - it is all pulsing along at a calm rate, impressing a peaceful tranquillity through you. It's rare that such relaxation can come from sound without it sounding hokey or coming pre-packaged with incense sticks. Eluvium is worlds apart, yet deserves to be within all of our own.

Nightmare Ending comes out on Temporary Residence May 14. Pre-order the double LP here and receive a limited edition Giclee print. But really, it's all irrelevant - you need this in your life. Listen to the three tracks below, in isolation, on headphones. Let all manner of stresses and responsibilities wash away. There is nothing overtly spiritual about this - it just is.

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