Monday 29 April 2013

Missing The Mesa Cosa Spangola

As much as I love this wide brown land we call Australia, it isn't always the most accepting of places. Sure, we are pretty multicultural (look at all the sushi joints!), but there are a lot of grey generationers, VB swilling deadheads, happy clapper xenophobes and just plain ignorant pluggers that don't get what that word even means - yet it frightens them, which makes them defensive, which leads to abject aggression. Sigh. If only we could sic Mesa Cosa onto them - a nationwide trailer campaign as the Melbourne-based scuzz rockers rip through their Spanish-drenched garage crashers, get everyone naked and point out the fact that the colour of your skin doesn't matter when everyone looks stupid without clothes on. These Davila 666 clones only know one way to party, and that's all out, all inclusive, all the time.

Now their Infernal Cakewalk album came out some time ago, but it made the march into global waters on the turn of the year, and something this deliciously deranged needs championing no matter what day of the week it is. Mesa Cosa - Or How You Dropped Being A Bigot And Learned To Love The Fuzz. Get it here through French label Casbah Records, otherwise pilfer the party from here.

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