Monday 29 April 2013

The Snails Get There In The End...

Goddamn Baltimore, hey? The musical hellmouth seemingly spawns a rad band every week, so regular that it's hard to keep up and hunt them down before they are wreaking havoc all over the Eastern seaboard and beyond. Yet with a name like The Snails, surely you can't expect too much? Au contraire, mon frere. Fronted by Future Islands sweat machine Samuel T Herring, The Snails seemed to have had the smallest of gestation periods before disappearing off the grid, only to eat a hole through our disdain with their imminent EP Worth The Wait. It certainly is holding up that way too. Out through Friends Records, the EP promises to be a groove palace, a quirky easy-listening sidestep, with Herring's iconic vocals stretching everything out to predictably surreal levels.

You can pre-order Worth The Wait here. It's being released as two 7"s, in green and pink vinyl, and with a fan-created cover which is pretty rad (that's it above us there). They are also doing a run of shows throughout May if you are if you keep your peepers peeled (in eastern US that is).

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