Monday 29 July 2013

Whirling In A Nameless Grave

I saw London band A Grave With No Name at the Lexington in London back in 2009 - the only time I have seen them, actually. The fact I remember nothing about the set is telling. I had gone in being a fan of their new debut record Mountain Debris, and left underwhelmed. But then again, this happens; I saw Yuck play the same venue, and Real Estate, and have since seen them in totally different circumstances (and more performance time under their belts). So it seems with the duo; four years and three albums in, they appear to be mining deeper into the vein of shoegaze minimalism (that sounds impossible, right?), drifting into the slipstream of the likes of Dignan Porch and Youth Lagoon (who they're currently touring Europe with). More dream pop than wall of distorted emotion, yet the crescendos still lick at the corners here. There is enough here on initial listens to ensure that A Grave With No Name rises from the dead - at least for me.

Whirlpool (on Lefse Records) is out now, get it here.

A Grave With No Name - Aurora
A Grave With No Name - Dig Me Out

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