Sunday 21 July 2013

Crashing into Scott and Charlene's Wedding

Looking for something can be the worst way to find it. It's not that looking is bad in and of itself, it's just that we have a tendency to, before looking, define what it is we want to find - pretty much 'eff-ing' (or at least 'F-ing off') the ineffable from the get go. 'What exactly are your goals here?' they will ask. The stuff of 'Performance Reports', 'Key Indicators' and the like; a successful life defined by a clearly outlined set of criteria. But can we really organise our cosmic junk shop in such a way? 

Not really.

Just like fellow Antipodean ex-pat Peter Porter pointed out in 'A Consumer's Report', when it comes to life, there is no 'best buy'. There's no X-marked map or guide book on this lonely planet, there's just the sun, the stars and everyone [in] between. So if you're dizzy with ambition, forget about flying to the heart of the sun for a moment (you're not heat resistant anyway) and enjoy the orbit.  Sometimes you just gotta let the ineffable 'eff' you. And when you're smoking a cigarette afterwards you might even find yourself smiling.  

And even if you hear the door close in the morning before you get up, rest easy, you can still put on Any Port in a Storm to remind yourself we're all in the same boat. Scott and Charlene's Wedding may not save you, but hey, it's likely nothing ever will, so go where it takes you - you never know what you'll find. 

You can order it from Fire Records in the UK or Bedroom Suck if you're downunder. And if you're in the Europe, there's sure to be a show in a port (or yoghurt shop) near you soon:

Scott & Charlene's Wedding EUROPEAN TOUR 2013
27 June: Sound Knowledge (in-store), Marlborough, UK 
29 June: Glastonbury, UK Festival 12pm 
30 June: The Garage, London, UK
1 July: The Haunt, Brighton, UK
2 July: Lick (in-store), Brighton, UK
2 July: Green Door Store, Brighton, London, UK
3 July: Rise (in-store), Bristol, UK
4 July: Undertone Bar, Cardiff, UK
5 July: Registry, Southsea, UK 
6 July: The Victoria, Dalston, London, UK
8 July: Fragel, Benicassim, Spain
9 July: Terraluna Terraza, Zaragoza, Spain
11 July: Cidade de Cultura, Santiago, Spain
12 July: Houston Summer Party, La 2 de Apolo, Barcelona, Spain
13 July: East End Live Festival, London
14 July: Hangover Lounge, Lexington (Acoustic), London, UK
15 July: Espace B, Paris, France
17 July: Buskers Festival, Lugano, Switzerland
18 July: Buskers Festival, Lugano, Switzerland
19 July: Festival Natala, Colmar, France
20 July: Swamp, Freiburg, Germany
22 July: Schoken, Stuttgart, Germany
25 July: Knust, Hamburg, Germany
27 July: Karrera Klub, Berlin, Germany
1 August: Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
3 August: The Tunnels, Aberdeen, UK
7 August: Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
8 August: Tie Dye Tapes, Sheffield, UK
9 August: Head of Steam, Newcastle, UK
10 August: Sound It Out Records (in store), Stockton on Tees, UK
10 August: Rook & Gaskill, York, UK
11 August: Urban Outfitters (instore), York, UK
13 August: Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK 
14 August: Arts Centre, Colchester, UK
15 August: The Music Exchange (instore), Nottingham, UK
15 August: The Hairy Dog, Derby, UK 
16 August: Yard Party Festival, London, UK 
16 August: Flashback (instore), London, UK

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