Sunday 21 July 2013

Drinking Milk In Front Of Baby Birds Sets A Tone

I don't know if baby birds actually don't drink milk - I'm sure Wikipedia would set me straight on such a niche nugget of information - but I'm willing to take these guys' word on it. As Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, the NY-via-Kansas trio craft insular, melancholy anti-pop tunes, eloquence in the twilight hours, echoing in the corners, licking at the shadows, a languorous buoyance on the slipstreams of idiosyncrasy. Think Tone is the second release the band have put out on the esteemed Fire Talk label, and whilst the flow of the album is a little haphazard (I personally would have broken up the excellent yet similar opening tracks 'What Am I Doing With My Life' and 'Saturday' with the ambient collage of 'KGB', for instance), it shows a level of quirk that sounds ramshackle but is carefully constructed and maintained - repeat listens prove this. Definitely worth checking out - this scratchy noise cloud is taking me off to bed. (Plus, with their song 'Let's Listen To Souvlaki And Make Out' BBDDM are hot contenders for song title of the year).

You can grab Think Tone here.

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - What Am I Doing With My Life
Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - Saturday

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