Thursday 11 July 2013

SCRATCHIN' ROUND - Left and Right, Diving Bells, Fawn Spots

Direction is something that, when brought up, is often claimed to be something I lack. I don't really mind too much. I might be walking around by myself with no idea where I'm heading, but I managed to find these, so it's working out okay so far.

There is something victorious about Left and Right's 93 EP. A kind of world weariness, worn thin but not through; a real coming to terms with things (as long as those terms still mean they can still wail away on their distortion pedals if they see fit). There are some classic '90s sounds here: the production has the crowded sparseness (trust me on this one) of an early Archers of Loaf recording and I especially dig the the way you have to listen for the vocals in 'Coliseum'. They're not buried, just covered by a bit of dust - you have to work for the good stuff, you know. I'm very fucking glad I dug through the inbox for these guys.

You don't often see the words 'Ireland via Korea' arranged in that order. But Diving Bells have made the connection. From the drone of ruddy Irish waters through the repeated patterns of the hand and foot, here that connection makes sense. It pushes and pushes and pushes, piled behind itself in the shell of an abandoned bank headquarters. Ride it to where it takes you.

I found Fawn Spots on someone's couch. I can't help but feel I'm not alone in having done so. When you don't know where your headed, a welcoming couch is nirvana. Like when you probably went a little too far and did things you'd rather not remember (because you don't really feel like breaking down). Wash your face. You might not wanna see yourself but you still need to get up and keep going - even if it is by yourself.

This track's out through Critical Heights on a split 7" with fellow couch veterans Scott and Charlene's Wedding.

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