Tuesday 30 July 2013

Circling Purposeful Yet Vacant Discoveries

Local angular avant pub rock band Per Purpose continue their amorphous sonic journey with the imminent release of new LP Circle The Stains (which will be meted out by Bedroom Suck). But to pre-empt it, they have Eureka, a cassette put out by the excellent Vacant Valley. Whilst their no-wave aspersions and Drones-esque meanderings have burst out and faded away, the cassette here (featuring only the one song 'Eureka' that was recorded during the Circle The Stains sessions) evokes an affinity with stream-of-consciousness, bilious offloads; head tilted with internal weight and anguish before its inexorable sink to the floor, guitars skirmishing at close quarters on a capsizing liner, bass riding up and down ridges with dexterity and flair, trying to hold everything together even as each note threatens to crumble, the drums cascading down like ferrous sparks. Glen Schenau's vocals are desperate, insidious, possessive, ripped rather than spat out. This cankerous fever dream coalesces into a instrumental outro of stoic unity that marches into the sea, a true tour de force.The deliberate dishevelled nature of the composition heralds an ever-evolving creative force, which only heightens the expectations of Circle The Stains.

You can grab Eureka here. Then go pre-order the album here.

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