Monday 15 July 2013

Searching For Dark Space With Galileo And HAL

Wow, getting back into the swing of the 9 to 5 after a few weeks in the ether is pretty hard. I got up from my lunch on my break to get a drink, then sat down in the seat opposite and wondered who had taken my food... Not a good start. I need to rock myself out of this fugue state. 

Spanish scions Apocynthion (the name is a term from astronautics that refers to the point at which a spacecraft in lunar orbit is farthest from the moon) are just the ticket - their LP Sidereus Nuncius (an astronomic treatise written by Galileo) starts off with a sample from 2001: A Space Odyssey - do you see where this is heading? My ephemeral connection to reality suits this dark, tenebrous post rock band's propensity for asking the big questions - looking at the stars and the wide mysteries of the universe in unabashed wonder. The fragility of one's seemingly meaningless life in the wider aesthetic of the cosmos permeates the LP, and despite the occasional lapse into post rock/metal cliche, the album is epic. The silken sense of space is calming, as is the other end of the spectrum when the world implodes - it is a heady balancing act, but Apocynthion do it well. It doesn't necessarily improve my spatial awareness today, moreso allows me to drift on the slipstreams. An alluring listen.

You can grab Sidereus Nuncius here.

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