Tuesday 9 July 2013

Finding Old Ghosts In The Closet

My first post in three weeks goes to Glasgow art noise pop slackers Antique Pony. They apparently have an album on the way, but Gay Ghosts, their EP from the last tip of 2012, is pretty solid and worth a mention (I also found a copy of this cassette whilst in London last week). Its loose, funny, schizophrenic, noisy, tetchy - yet there are moments of aloof calm in amidst the Moore/Ranaldo hangover chaos that truly adds to the allure. The spoken word of 'Halloween', the Japanese 8-bit RPG score lurking in the DNA of 'Beautiful Atlas'... They are young, toying with concepts, and it will be intriguing to see what cocoons from their first longplayer later in the year.

You can grab Gay Ghosts here or here.

Antique Pony - Yung Satan Girl
Antique Pony - Manifold Town

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