Tuesday 30 July 2013

Broken Down By The Paint Fumes

I've started writing a post about Charlotte gutter punks Paint Fumes' Uck Life LP (put out by equally brazen label Slovenly Records) about five times over the year, and for whatever reason it has filtered down to the sea bed of my disorganisation. Then a fortnight ago I found out that member Elijah Von Cramon had been hit by a car in February, seriously injuring him and effectively ending a tour to support the album (although surely he could have found punk dives with wheelchair access...) so if I didn't finish this fucking post I would be a karmic leper, so here it is.

Uck Life is a balltearer from start to finish. It may show moments of deviation, like the psych squall that drives the title track, yet even that is accelerated to speed freak proportions. This is brazen rock n roll, as lurid, silly and urgent as can be, and the tightness of the band is emulated by the longevity of the band's staying power - this record is insatiable!

Buy Uck Life here. You can help out with Elijah's recovery (because US healthcare is the goddamn worst) by donating some scratch here - incentives include all their releases and other paraphernalia. There is also a tribute CD (with SM faves Spider Bags and Last Year's Men amongst the eighteen bands contributing) you can grab here. He is walking again, but has a bit of a road ahead. Godspeed.

Paint Fumes - Space Cadet
Paint Fumes - Uck Life

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