Monday 22 July 2013

Take the Road with I, a Man

I saw I, a Man when they played in Brisbane last time they were up this way. I thought they were fucking fantastic. Layers like the maple leaves; different yellows on top of each other, crunching underfoot, letting you know you're going were no-one else has (at least not since yesterday). There is something like the seasons in 'Less Travelled'. At the root of it all a "trying to try", a commitment to the vague scenes we all find in front of us - morning air lolling through the holes in the corrugated iron, waking you and melting the Robert Frost.

You can catch them as they take the road in August: 16th at the Tote (Melb), 23rd at the Exeter (Adl), 29th at Brighton Up Bar (Syd) and 30th at Alhambra Lounge (Bris). The first couple of shows with Sincerely, Grizzly.

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