Sunday 21 July 2013

Psychological Sleep Hangover Cure

I find myself perennially 'getting around to it'; almost understanding, almost finishing what I begin, always coming up just short. Whether it be changing the world or changing the curtains in the downstairs living room, it always seems the same.

That's why Dream Sick's Morkkis immediately feels familiar; it resonates with fleeting time, spinning and leaping joyfully from this mortal coil. Here, ragged, and there effervescing with memories of soda bulbs and laughing through lost teeth. And then later, with that same familiar cracked voice, it asks questions - and even offers up bits of advice (but only ever tentatively). "Hey," it says about the curtains, "why don't you just open 'em up and let the sunlight in? No matter how much work you do, nothing is ever truly finished anyway...." I'm afraid I'd be a fool to think otherwise. 

You shouldn't be a fool either; get around to ordering Morkkis here.

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