Tuesday 9 July 2013

Blow A Hole Throw My Soul

I'm really loving the self-titled debut from Greek garage leches Bazooka that came out a couple months ago on Slovenly Records.  Wavering drunkenly from straight up chugging punk to more psychedelic meanderings ('Mr George', 'Church'), Bazooka is spiked with enough attitude and bluster (and a spattering of visceral pop) to help it rise above most other pretenders - a lot like Black Lips, then. Then there are moments like 'Burn That Dress' which lurks and leers, the fun bleached away, the promiscuity dissipating to true threat - and it actually peaks at being the best track on here.

Full of surprises on each repeat listen, Bazooka could be the best garage rock album of 2013. Grab it here.

Bazooka - Ravening Trip
Bazooka - Shame Take My Brain
Bazooka - Burn That Dress

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