Thursday 18 July 2013

Quriously Pondering The Vanishing Void

Here is something that has been fuelling my late night travails, as I burn the candle at both ends and try to actually get somewhere in this world without falling into a self-induced coma. The tremulous minimalism that permeates Vanishing Void by Atlanta's Qurious (AKA Mike Netland, with ethereal vocals from Catherine Quesenberry), acts as an undulating, hypnotic mantra, lulling the listener into a lysergic sojourn within. This kind of ponderous soundscapes always suck me in, I must admit, yet there is a level of assuredness here that makes me think that I would follow this in my sleep, Qurious a benevolent Pied Piper - Vanishing Void not so much a disappearance into the the abyss as it is the opening to another, altogether more important and revelatory world, that you will walk away from all you know and never look back.

Vanishing Void is out through Stickfigure Records (home of another sonic explorer, Lid Emba) here.

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