Friday 19 July 2013

Friday Cover Up - Sleeping In Smog With Diana And David Hasselhoff

We usually head for a familiar artist on our Friday Cover Up's, but this week I haven't been able to better CVRS, the covers EP from Austrian songwriter SLEEP SLEEP. Five eclectic choices, from Michael Jackson and Smog to Convertible and David Hasselhoff (?), SLEEP SLEEP takes the bare bones of these tracks and takes a new approach, an aesthetic that casts these songs back and forward in time and space, a lush liquidity embodying his reinterpretations. This is a true reimagining, as the five songs sound as they are all from the same writer, the same artist - the disparities have been obliterated by ethereal drone and dreamscapes. Best tracks - Smog's 'Teenage Spaceship', and surprisingly Hasselhoff's 'Looking For Freedom." Very impressive feat indeed.

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