Tuesday 16 July 2013

Kong Lives!

I've mentioned on countless occasions that Manchester's rabid fucks Kong were one of the best bands I have ever experienced live. Abrasive, angry, drunk yet hilarious, the red-decked, plastic-faced devils knew how to put on a party, albeit the kind you were likely to wake up with your dignity and morality irrevocably shattered beyond repair. As far as I know they are no longer - yet in the past few months a few bootlegs of Kong's live shows have started appearing on their Bandcamp, without any fanfare. Listening to these really took me back; a slick oily sweat overcame me, and I started grinding my teeth and wanted to smash a case and lose my mind once more. ULU, Old Blue Last, St Moritz - the hedonism returns in earnest. Kong still have their hooks in me...

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