Thursday 18 July 2013

Peeling With Their Bloody Knives...

We have been mightily impressed with the musical output of Austin doom-laden noise merchants Bloody Knives, especially as their shoegaze aesthetics have continually been twisted and corrupted into some other seething beast. I say shoegaze, mainly due to the wall of sound, but there is no guitar - this is more A Place To Bury Strangers and Health than MBV here. Each release is a further spike into the heart of dissonance, the bile pumping out then molded into a strangely alluring mantra of soothing darkness. The Death EP (their third - see what we thought of the first two here and here) is spiralling even further into the muck and the mire, yet even more productive in finding melody and warmth amidst the abject nihilism. This trio are seductive, tapping our deepest, base desires - give in and live.

Death is out now on Saint Marie Records (who have some stellar releases in the bag - stay posted) - you can buy it here. Check out the track 'Peeling Away The Skin' below.

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