Monday 17 January 2011

Tyvek Tour Will Make It Fit

One of the things about Tyvek is that they punk it up like nobody's business, but dont really give a shit if they are punk, garage, or fucking classical rap. They do what they do and go home. On strangely overlooked album of last year Nothing Fits, it is clearly evident that they have better production values, but then go about thrashing themselves stupid for thirty odd minutes before taking their bat and ball and going home, mission well and truly accomplished. It copped a bit of flak for being too much like their forebears (The Stooges, New York Dolls, Stiff Little Fingers et al), but Tyvek dont hold any high falutin aspirations other than to fuck shit up. Preferably all over your face. We stated before the album broke in November that it would be messy, breakneck and addictive as hell - and Im standing by that notion.

Dont believe me? Well, we stated back on October that Tyvek would be on tour this year - plenty of warning. Get your arse to their Upset The Rhythm show at the Grosvenor on March 15th then, where they will be more than ably supported by UK's The Pheromoans. If you cant make that, then you have all of February and March to catch them playing in some corner of Europe, so there's no excuse really.

Tyvek - 4312

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