Friday 7 January 2011

Guitaro Hero

Its only a week into 2011, and here is my first post about an artist from Crash Avenue! The band in question is Guitaro - a trio from Vancouver that revel in spaced out disco rug-cutting - and their latest LP JJ's Crystal Palace is ten songs of the equivalent of making air shapes in the Tardis. There are elements of ambient experimentalism, digitised shoegaze, fringe-flicking psychedelia, and M83, "driving down the highway with a martini-sipping robot" coolness. Above all though, Guitaro have set themselves in a particular sonic groove that isolates them from their brethren - it feels lo-fi, epic, electronicised and analogue, but all in an unperturbed, organic environment. Its a pleasant release that grabs you with a pinch, then releases you with an addictive Chinese burn that you want all over your body, all the time.

The official release date is 1st March I believe, but head over here to download it with the band's best wishes!