Friday 7 January 2011

To Akron Family Or Not To Akron Family?

Wow. My first listen to this had me scratching my freshly shaven face in bemusement (which is a bemusing gesture in and of itself). My second listen had me scratching my newly hewn (and instantly disliked) military-styled noggin. Ive always thought that Akron/Family were a group that have not garnered the recognition they have rightly deserved. Managing to swing from Animal Collective sonic pop abuse to pure psychedelic guitar sprawl, with various folky philanderings in between, it may be their strength (colouring various genres with a trademark zeal) that has kept them in the darkened corners. And their newie, S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT, is NOT going to be the album that shoots them into the stratosphere. Unless by stratosphere I mean the outer reaches of human drone consciousness – then, they may have marked themselves new uncharted terrain. For Shinju (as the album will be referred to for the rest of this, and any subsequent, posts) is a slowed down methadone nightmare of a dreamstate...

Or is it? It seems that the initial version of Shinju that came out on the eve of 2011's inception was a warped remix loop of the album, leaked by the band themselves. Which makes sense in retrospect (and also proves my friend Dan cannot be trusted with his 'here's some albums that are awesome and are soooooooooooooo legit!' schtick...). Then the news that Akron/Family are having a listening party for the album in Northern Ohio this saturday - if you're nearby and are keen to get first dibs way earlier than the rest (Shinju aint released in the UK until March), check out deets here.

So maybe they will get the recognition they deserve? Its hard to say. But if you so feel, hunt the internet for the alternate version (if thats what it actually is - the guys have done enough subterfuge to have me still quite confused). Here is 'Silly Bearz' from the album, in the remix mode and as a live offering - can you spot the difference?

Shinju is out on Dead Oceans Records March 14 in the UK, February 8th elsewhere...

NB - if this isnt the true album, I still think its a good drone piece - so win win!

PS Since writing this Akron/Family have dropped the first single from the 'real' album - so here is 'So It Goes', followed by its droned counterpart.

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