Friday 28 January 2011

Melos Mana(r)ges The Magic Mike

Tera Melos put out an electric LP last year that I dont think many (including myself) gave enough credit in Patagonian Rats. This year the math spazzniks are giving us the chance to make amends, with the release of cassette/EP Zoo Weather (out on Sargent House) on February 22nd. 'Manar The Magic' is off it, and its quite brilliant, not least due to the fact it features a near incoherent Mike Watt. Its four minutes of static, ethereal majesty, evoking Animal Collective if they scored the new Mario release on the Wii. Its grin inducing in its spidery rhythms, and shows an immediacy that Tera Melos have at times failed to consistently grasp - which is an immensely promising progression for the band.

If you are in the US, prepare for a TM onslaught also, as they have tied up the diamond support slot for Marnie Stern throught February and March. 2010 may have given us a math gem, but 2011 could be the year Tera Melos grabs us and makes us take notice.

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