Wednesday 12 January 2011

Lost in Grasslung void

For the last few days I've been lost in the shadowy land of Grasslung and his Sincere Voids LP, that dropped last year. Grasslung, aka Brooklyn based musician Jonas Asher, creates haunting ambient soundscapes. This is noise at its saddest and softest extremes. Asher's previous releases have been floating around recently in the form of scarce tapes and CD-rs, the kind of releases that you hear about rather than ever see.

But Sincere Void is Grasslung's first 'proper' release, thanks to Root Strata and Thrill Jockey. Asher's noisescapes, packed with the softest melancholy and gentlest of twilight touches, have reached a more formed presence than his previous work. Tracks drift effortlessly into an endless dark sea,the floating of sounds that stretch in vast vistas. Sincere Void is achingly beautiful, ambient noise that washes over you leaving nothing but a dark stain behind. Buy it here.

Grasslung - Scarred Hands We Drift

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